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Comments containing urls #5

rwaldron opened this Issue · 1 comment

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// See: http://www...

Will produce the following error:

missing blank after start comment

I'm guessing it refers to the // in http://


Fixed with this patch against my trentfix branch (i.e. after my pull request is taken):

diff --git a/jsstyle b/jsstyle
index 0d3288f..2031c6d 100755
--- a/jsstyle
+++ b/jsstyle
@@ -508,7 +508,7 @@ line: while (<$filehandle>) {
            !(/$lint_re/ || ($config{"splint"} && /$splint_re/))) {
                err("missing blank before close comment");
-       if ($config{"blank-after-start-comment"} && /\/\/\S/) { # C++ comments
+       if ($config{"blank-after-start-comment"} && /(?<!\w:)\/\/\S/) { # C++ comments
                err("missing blank after start comment");
        # check for unterminated single line comments, but allow them when
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