Proxy for accepting skitch images and uploading to Manta
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This is a super-simple proxy for pointing the old Skitch software at Manta, so that skitches show up in Manta. It was written hastily -- use at your own risk. There's absolutely no security on this server. I run it on my Macbook, and it only listens on localhost.

This only works (well) if you're willing to have your skitches be totally public. You can actually use it with a private directory, but Skitch won't be able to construct a URL that you can copy to your clipboard.

To use this, first set up the Manta CLI, pick a directory where you want your skitches to go, and create the directory. I use /dap/public/drop:

$ mmkdir /dap/public/drop

Now clone this repo and install it:

$ git clone
$ cd manta-skitch-proxy
$ npm install

Now run the proxy with the same environment variables you use for the Manta CLI, and give the proxy the base directory you want to use:

$ export MANTA_USER=...
$ export MANTA_URL=...
$ export MANTA_KEY_ID=...
$ node skitch-proxy.js /dap/public/drop | bunyan
[2013-12-05T01:02:15.153Z]  INFO: skitch-proxy/15755 on sharptooth.local: listening at

Finally, configure skitch:

  1. Open Skitch, then open Skitch -> Preferences.
  2. Select the "Share" tab.
  3. Create a new account of type "WebDAV". I called mine "manta".
  4. Use these parameters:
    • Server: localhost (machine where you ran skitch-proxy)
    • Port: 9050 (hardcoded in skitch-proxy)
    • User, Password: leave blank
    • Directory: /
    • Base URL:, where PATH is the path you chose above (e.g., /dap/public/drop)