A stick figure animator for keyframed animation
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Axis is a stick figure animator for keyframed animation. Axis is inspired by Pivot but instead of forcing you to change every frame like a flipbook, Axis lets you simply add keyframes and the in-betweens are automatically interpolated.

View it online at http://axis.davepagurek.com/





Add blank frames to the timeline by pressing the Create Frame button or pressing N.

Create keyframes with the Create Keyframe button or by pressing Space.

On a selected keyframe, you can move around a stick figure by clicking on its name in the timeline and then clicking and dragging its joints.

Preview your animation by pressing the Animate button or pressing Enter.



  • Perl and CPAN
  • Node and NPM

Run the following commands:

bower install
cpanm Mojolicious::Lite
cpanm File::Slurp
cpanm DBI
cpanm DBD::SQLite

Create animations.db using the commands in db-setup.sql.

Additionally, install jsgif into public/jsgif.

Running the server


``` morbo index.pl ```

Remotely for production

``` ssh -n -f user@domain "sh -c 'cd /var/www/axis/html; nohup morbo -m production -l http://*:3000 index.pl > /dev/null 2>&1 &'" ```