The Newgrounds audio player in HTML/CSS/Javascript.
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The Newgrounds audio player in HTML/CSS/Javascript by Dave Pagurek


The visualizer version includes some basic visualizations and a basic API to add more visualizations.

The small version is made for embeds, stretches to fit its container's width using CSS, and is reprogrammed to be more modular since it doesn't need any video capabilities.

The video version is a basic prototype that adapts the visualizer version for use with a <video> tag, including basic fullscreen support.

Usage for Visualizer Version

Create a new AudioPlayer with the following params: ```javascript new AudioPlayer(autoplay:Boolean, loop:Boolean, visualizerFunction:Function); ```

The visualizerFunction takes two parameters:

function (soundData:Uint8Array, stage:CanvasRenderingContext2D) {}

The soundData array has the volumes for each frequency of the spectrum. The stage context is a reference to the visualizer canvas's 2d context, ready to be drawn onto.

When making a visualizer, you can access the following properties of the AudioPlayer variable you made:

  • width:Number
  • height:Number
  • playing:Boolean