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This is a Monte Carlo style 3d renderer (so the more samples you use, the closer to a perfect render it gets.) Here are some images I've rendered with it so far:


  • Shapes
    • Sphere
    • Plane
    • Triangle
      • Rectangle
      • Rectangular prism
    • Volumes of any other shape
  • Materials
    • Diffuse
    • Reflective
    • Refractive
    • Light emitter
    • Volumes
    • Subsurface Scattering
  • Lens blur
  • Motion blur


Edit Sources/Raytracer/main.swift to change the size of the image, objects, etc. Then run the raytracer:

swift build


A general overview of ratracing: http://www.davepagurek.com/blog/how-raytracing-works

Subsurface scattering: http://www.davepagurek.com/blog/volumes-subsurface-scattering


Antialiasing works by first rendering an image, then applying a find edges filter, and then rerendering edge areas at a sub-pixel level.

Here is a detail of the original depth image:

Edges are found by subtracting a blurred version from the original:

Then, those areas are rerendered at double the pixel density to smooth the edges: