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; Copyright (c) Dave Ray, 2012. All rights reserved.
; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this
; distribution.
; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
; the terms of this license.
; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(ns regenemies.ui
(:use [regenemies.core]
(:require [ :as graphics]
[seesaw.bind :as b]
[seesaw.color :as color]))
(def pattern-text-style (graphics/style :foreground :white
:font "CONSOLAS-BOLD-28"))
(def game-over-text-style (graphics/style :foreground :black
:font "ARIAL-BOLD-40"))
(def game-over-fill-style (graphics/style :background (color/color :aliceblue 192)
:font "ARIAL-BOLD-40"))
(def alive-style (graphics/style :background :#124))
(def matching-style (graphics/style :background :#BB4))
(def dead-style (graphics/style :background :darkgreen))
(def countdown-normal-style (graphics/style :foreground :#E55
:font "ARIAL-BOLD-30"))
(def countdown-danger-style (graphics/style :foreground :#F55
:font "ARIAL-BOLD-50"))
(def lives-style (graphics/style :background :green))
(defn paint-pattern
[g {:keys [regex ttl time-left] :as pattern} input row column width height]
(let [x (* column width)
y (* row height)
matches? (pattern-matches? pattern input)
dead? ttl]
(graphics/draw g
(graphics/rounded-rect x y (- width 1) (- height 1) 10 10)
(graphics/rounded-rect x (+ y (/ height 4)) (- width 1) (/ height 2) 10 10)
dead? dead-style
matches? matching-style
:else alive-style)
(graphics/string-shape (+ x 5) (+ y (/ height 2)) (str "/ " regex " /"))
(graphics/string-shape (+ x 5) (+ y height -5)
dead? "Got it!"
matches? (format "%d (hit enter!)" (int time-left))
:else (format "%d" (int time-left))))
(if (< time-left 3)
(defn paint-patterns
[g {:keys [patterns current]} w h]
(let [pattern-count (count patterns)
column-count (if (< pattern-count 2) 1 2)
column-width (quot w column-count)
row-count (let [[q r] ((juxt quot rem) pattern-count column-count)]
(+ q (if (zero? r) 0 1)))
row-height (quot h row-count)
coords (for [column (range column-count)
row (range row-count)]
[column row])]
(doseq [[pattern [column row]] (map vector patterns coords)]
(paint-pattern g pattern current row column column-width row-height))))
(defn paint-lives
[g {:keys [lives]} y w h]
(let [c (+ y (quot h 2))
r (- (quot h 2) 2)]
(dotimes [i lives]
(graphics/draw g
(graphics/circle (- w (* (inc i) h)) c r)
(defn paint-status
[g {:keys [current score] :as game} w y h]
(let [prompt? (empty? current)]
(graphics/draw g
(graphics/rounded-rect 0 y w h 10 10)
(graphics/style :background "#333")
(graphics/string-shape 5 (+ y h -5) (str "> " (if prompt? "Try to match the pattern!" current)))
(graphics/style :foreground (if prompt? :lightgrey :white) :font "CONSOLAS-BOLD-24")
(graphics/string-shape 5 (+ h 10) (str score))
(graphics/style :foreground :white :font "ARIAL-BOLD-40")))
(paint-lives g game y w h))
(defn paint-game-over
[c g]
(graphics/draw g
(graphics/rect 0 0 (width c) (height c))
(graphics/string-shape 5 (quot (height c) 2) "GAME OVER (hit enter)")
(defn paint
[c g {:keys [current patterns] :as game}]
(let [w (width c)
h (height c)]
(paint-patterns g game w (- h 30))
(paint-status g game w (- h 30) 30)
(if (game-over? game)
(paint-game-over c g))))
(defn make-canvas []
(canvas :id :canvas :background :black))
(defn make-frame []
:title "Regenemies"
:on-close :dispose
:resizable? true
:size [800 :by 600]
:content (make-canvas)))
(defn handle-key-typed [state-atom c]
(and (game-over? @state-atom) (= \newline c))
(reset! state-atom (new-random-game 1))
(= \newline c)
(swap! state-atom enter-typed)
(= \backspace c)
(swap! state-atom backspace-typed)
(Character/isISOControl c)
(swap! state-atom character-typed c)))
(defn add-behaviors [root]
(let [state-atom (atom (new-random-game 1))
canvas (select root [:#canvas])
timer (timer (fn [_]
(swap! state-atom advance 1.0))
:delay 1000)]
(listen root :window-closed (fn [_] (.stop timer)))
(config! canvas
:paint (fn [c g] (paint c g @state-atom))
:focusable? true)
(listen canvas
:key-typed (fn [e] (handle-key-typed state-atom (.getKeyChar e))))
(b/b-do [state]
(repaint! canvas)))
(.requestFocusInWindow canvas)
(defn -main [& args]
(-> (make-frame)
;(dispose! (all-frames))