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(defproject seesaw "1.3.0"
:description "A Swing wrapper/DSL for Clojure. You want seesaw.core, FYI. See for more info."
:url ""
:mailing-list {:name "seesaw-clj"
:archive ""
:post ""}
:license {:name "Eclipse Public License - v 1.0"
:url ""
:distribution :repo
:comments "same as Clojure"}
:warn-on-reflection true
:dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.2.0"]
[com.miglayout/miglayout "3.7.4"]
[com.jgoodies/forms "1.2.1"]
[org.swinglabs/swingx "1.6.1"]
[j18n "1.0.0"]]
:dev-dependencies [[com.stuartsierra/lazytest "1.1.2"]
[lein-clojars "0.6.0"]
[org.clojars.rayne/autodoc "0.8.0-SNAPSHOT"]]
:repositories {"stuartsierra-releases" ""}
:autodoc {
:name "Seesaw",
:page-title "Seesaw API Documentation"
:copyright "Copyright 2011, Dave Ray"
:load-except-list [#"seesaw/examples"]}
:java-source-path "jvm")
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