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; Copyright (c) Dave Ray, 2011. All rights reserved.
; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this
; distribution.
; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
; the terms of this license.
; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(ns seesaw.test.dnd
(:use seesaw.dnd)
(:use []
[lazytest.describe :only (describe it testing)]
[lazytest.expect :only (expect)])
(:import [java.awt.datatransfer DataFlavor StringSelection
[javax.swing TransferHandler]))
(describe local-object-flavor
(it "creates a JVM local flavor for an arbitrary class"
(let [c (class [])
f (local-object-flavor c)]
(expect (= (format "%s; class=%s" DataFlavor/javaJVMLocalObjectMimeType (.getName c)) (.getMimeType f)))))
(it "creates a JVM local flavor for an arbitrary value"
(= (local-object-flavor (class [])) (local-object-flavor []))))
(describe uri-list-flavor
(it "implements to-remote to convert list of URIs to uri-list"
(= "\r\n"
(to-remote uri-list-flavor
[( "")
( "")])))
(it "implements to-local to convert uri-list to list of URIs"
(= [( "") ( "")]
(to-local uri-list-flavor "\r\n" ))))
(describe default-transferable
(testing "resulting transferable"
(it "can hold an arbitrary object"
(let [o ["hi"]
t (default-transferable [string-flavor o])]
(expect (identical? o (.getTransferData t (to-raw-flavor string-flavor))))))
(it "can hold arbitrary objects or functions"
(let [t (default-transferable [string-flavor "hi"
(local-object-flavor Integer) (fn [] 99)])]
(expect (= "hi" (.getTransferData t (to-raw-flavor string-flavor))))
(expect (= 99 (.getTransferData t (to-raw-flavor (local-object-flavor Integer)))))))
(it "throws UnsupportedFlavorException correctly"
(let [t (default-transferable [string-flavor "hi"])]
(try (.getTransferData t (to-raw-flavor file-list-flavor)) false
(catch UnsupportedFlavorException e true))))
(it "implements (getTransferDataFlavors)"
(let [t (default-transferable [(local-object-flavor []) []])
flavors (.getTransferDataFlavors t)]
(expect (= (to-raw-flavor (local-object-flavor [])) (aget flavors 0)))))
(it "implements (isDataFlavorSupported)"
(let [t (default-transferable [(local-object-flavor []) []])]
(expect (.isDataFlavorSupported t (to-raw-flavor (local-object-flavor []))))
(expect (not (.isDataFlavorSupported t (to-raw-flavor string-flavor))))))))
(defn fake-transfer-support [t]
(javax.swing.TransferHandler$TransferSupport. (javax.swing.JLabel.) t))
(describe default-transfer-handler
(it "creates a transfer handler"
(instance? javax.swing.TransferHandler (default-transfer-handler)))
(testing "(canImport)"
(it "returns false if the :import map is missing or empty"
(not (.canImport (default-transfer-handler) (fake-transfer-support (StringSelection. "hi")))))
(it "only accepts flavors in the keys of the :import map"
(let [th (default-transfer-handler :import [string-flavor (fn [info])])]
(expect (.canImport th (fake-transfer-support (StringSelection. "hi"))))
(expect (not (.canImport th (fake-transfer-support (default-transferable []))))))))
(testing "(importData)"
(it "returns false immediately if (canImport) returns false"
(let [called (atom false)
th (default-transfer-handler :import [string-flavor (fn [info] (reset! called true))])]
(expect (not (.importData th (fake-transfer-support (default-transferable [])))))
(expect (not @called))))
(it "calls the handler for the first matching flavor"
(let [called (atom nil)
th (default-transfer-handler :import [string-flavor (fn [info] (reset! called info) true)])
support (fake-transfer-support (StringSelection. "Something"))]
(expect (.importData th support))
(expect (= @called {:data "Something"
:drop? false
:drop-location nil
:target (.getComponent support)
:support support})))))
(testing "(createTransferable)"
(it "returns a transferable given :import/:start "
(let [c (javax.swing.JTextField. "some text")
th (default-transfer-handler :export { :start (fn [c] [string-flavor (.getText c)]) })
trans (.createTransferable th c)]
(expect (= "some text" (.getTransferData trans (to-raw-flavor string-flavor)))))))
(testing "(getSourceActions)"
(it "returns :none if :export is omitted"
(let [c (javax.swing.JTextField. "some text")
th (default-transfer-handler)
actions (.getSourceActions th c)]
(expect (= TransferHandler/NONE actions))))
(it "returns :none if the provided function returns nil"
(let [c (javax.swing.JTextField. "some text")
th (default-transfer-handler :export { :actions (fn [c] nil) })
actions (.getSourceActions th c)]
(expect (= TransferHandler/NONE actions))))
(it "returns :move by default"
(let [c (javax.swing.JTextField. "some text")
th (default-transfer-handler :export {})
actions (.getSourceActions th c)]
(expect (= TransferHandler/MOVE actions))))
(it "returns the result of calling the provided function"
(let [c (javax.swing.JTextField. "some text")
th (default-transfer-handler :export { :actions (fn [c] :link) })
actions (.getSourceActions th c)]
(expect (= TransferHandler/LINK actions)))))
(testing "(exportDone)"
(it "returns false if :export is omitted"
(let [th (default-transfer-handler)]
(expect (not (.exportDone th nil nil TransferHandler/MOVE)))))
(it "returns false if :export/:finish is omitted"
(let [th (default-transfer-handler :export {})]
(expect (not (.exportDone th nil nil TransferHandler/MOVE)))))
(it "calls the :export/:finish function with a map"
(let [source (javax.swing.JTextField. "some text")
tr (default-transferable [string-flavor "hi" (local-object-flavor Integer) (fn [] 99)])
called (atom nil)
th (default-transfer-handler :export { :finish (fn [v] (reset! called v) true) })]
(.exportDone th source tr TransferHandler/MOVE)
(expect (= {:source source :data tr :action :move} @called))))))
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