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1 parent 7222337 commit 072ac4038a37253040bcd6b7f82e6fda12c3b419 @daveray committed Feb 8, 2012
@@ -2432,12 +2432,12 @@
(defn- paint-option-handler [^java.awt.Component c v]
- (nil? v) (do
+ (nil? v) (do
(update-proxy c {"paintComponent" nil})
(.repaint c))
(fn? v) (paint-option-handler c {:after v})
- (map? v) (do
- (put-meta! c paint-property v)
+ (map? v) (do
+ (put-meta! c paint-property v)
(update-proxy c {"paintComponent" paint-component-impl})
(.repaint c))
:else (illegal-argument "Expect map or function for :paint property")))
@@ -2447,8 +2447,8 @@
Macro that generates a paintable widget, i.e. a widget that can be drawn on
by client code. target is a Swing class literal indicating the type that will
- be constructed.
+ be constructed.
All other options will be passed along to the given Seesaw widget
as usual and will be applied to the generated class.
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