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# Seesaw: Clojure + UI
-_"killing CamelCase, proxy and reify, one class at a time"_
_*See [the Seesaw Wiki] ( and [the Seesaw API Docs] ( for more detailed docs. Note that the docs in the code (use the `doc` function!) are always the most up-to-date and trustworthy.*_
Seesaw is a library/DSL for constructing user interfaces in Clojure. It happens to be built on Swing, but please don't hold that against it. It's an experiment to see what I can do to make user interface development funner in Clojure. It's kinda inspired by [Shoes](, [Stuart Sierra's Swing posts](, etc. [clojure.contrib.swing-utils]( is useful, but minimal and still means a lot of "Java-in-Clojure" coding.
-_There are numerous Seesaw examples in `test/seesaw/test/examples`._
+## Features
+* Simplified construction of UIs with Swing's layout managers as well as MigLayout, or JGoodies Forms.
+* Convenient shortcuts for most properties. For example, `:background :blue` or `:background "#00f"`
+* CSS-style selectors
+* Simplified event registration
+* Widget binding, i.e. map changes from one widget into one or more others in a more functional style
+* Unified selection mechanism
+* Graphics
+* i18n
+_There are numerous Seesaw examples in [test/seesaw/test/examples](
## TL;DR

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