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widgets Extremely basic rounded-label widget implementation.
action.clj Major refactoring of option handling throughout Seesaw.
applet.clj adding some ns-leve docs
behave.clj Bug when relying on the default implementation of the :drag method. C…
bind.clj make Refs bindable
border.clj Defaluts -> defaults
cells.clj cleaning up use
chooser.clj Forgot escaping quotes inside a string.
clipboard.clj fix: keep owner data when transferable is string
color.clj get rid of some reflections
config.clj Pushing config stuff down into it's own namespace from core so I can …
core.clj Fix button docstring example.
cursor.clj Fix #163
dev.clj show-events now shows :selection when available.
dnd.clj modified :import option on default-transfer-handler to allow checking…
dnd_explorer.clj Better drag-n-drop example. Added uri-list flavor for exporting URLs …
event.clj Force lazy seq in seesaw.event/listen
font.clj Added font-families function to get a list of all the valid font fami…
forms.clj Modified widget construction methodology to create a proxy of all wid…
graphics.clj Fix #161 grrrr
icon.clj Made a util function for checking for an i18n key.
invoke.clj invoke/invoke-later docstring now says it is aliased by core/invoke-l…
keymap.clj Finished off map-key function, tests and docs.
keystroke.clj Made a util function for checking for an i18n key.
layout.clj Fix #186 + test.
make_widget.clj cleaning up use
meta.clj In hindsight, it doesn't really make sense to store the meta values as
mig.clj Fix add! for mig layout. Constraint wasn't being passed along.
mouse.clj Doc updates
options.clj Fixed some macro quotation issues
pref.clj Cleanup reflection in pref.clj
rsyntax.clj Improve retrieval of available language mappings - dynamic including
scroll.clj cleaning up use
selection.clj Fix #165
selector.clj Fix #161 grrrr
style.clj Started working stylesheets. It's almost too boring to include, but more
swingx.clj update docstring
table.clj Return nil for a nil rows parameter in seesaw.table/value-at.
timer.clj Address issue #126
to_widget.clj cleaning up use
tree.clj Use int-array instead of into-array
util.clj Fix #161 grrrr
value.clj Fix implementation of value! for nil values
widget_options.clj Major refactoring of option handling throughout Seesaw.
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