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Offline Country Reverse Geocoder

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Determine which country a latitude/longitude point falls in, returning an ISO 3166-1 two letter country code. All processing is done locally using a dataset of country borders without needing to connect to an API.

Uses the data file from


With Composer Total Downloads

composer require daveross/offline-country-reverse-geocoder:~1.0.0

or add the dependency to your composer.json file manually:

"require": {
	"php": ">=5.3",
	"daveross/offline-country-reverse-geocoder": "~1.0.0"

Without Composer

Copy this library's files to wherever you put third-party libraries in your application. Include src/offline-country-reverse-geocoder.php from this library, and it'll load from the same directory.


echo 'Washington DC is in ' . \DaveRoss\OfflineCountryReverseGeocoder\get_country(-77.0164, 38.9047) . "\n";
echo 'Chicago is in ' . \DaveRoss\OfflineCountryReverseGeocoder\get_country(-87.6847, 41.8369) . "\n";
echo 'London is in ' . \DaveRoss\OfflineCountryReverseGeocoder\get_country( -0.12750, 51.50722 ) . "\n";
echo 'New Delhi is in ' . \DaveRoss\OfflineCountryReverseGeocoder\get_country( 77.12, 28.38 ) . "\n";
echo 'Sydney is in ' . \DaveRoss\OfflineCountryReverseGeocoder\get_country( 151.2073200, -33.8678500 ) . "\n";


This library uses the world borders dataset from The data is stored in a properties file within the project that maps country codes to Well Known Text format polygons and multi-polygons. The dataset was converted to Well Known Text format by GIS Stack Exchange user, elrobis.


All code is MIT licensed

See why I contribute to open source software.

The data file src/ is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License in accordance with the license from