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Hi-resolution BASIC extensions for Commodore 64
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Hi-Res BASIC Extensions for Commodore 64 and Documentation Demo Program

I added some commands to Commodore 64 BASIC via software extensions written in 6502 Assembly.

Notable features

  • Multiple hi-res screen support (up to 5) and swap between them
  • Two hi-res screens and color tables using 18K RAM under ROM and I/O
  • Doesn't take away any BASIC RAM, only uses $C000-D423 extra RAM
  • Copy shapes of any size between screen and memory
  • HIRES, COLOR, PLOT, RECT, PATTERN, SHAPE commands (syntax PDF here)
  • Machine language interface included if BASIC isn't your thing
  • Scrolling BASIC Editor support (scroll with F1/F7)

Compiling requires ACME for use with Microsoft Visual Code.
Important: use instructions below with Esshahn/acme-assembly-vscode-template on how to install from Visual Code.

Also requires Esshahn/acme-assembly-vscode-template. (just install ACME per its instructions and copy bin/win/*.exe from repository, as its other template files are already edited and included here).

Build launches VICE C-64 Emulator so install that too.

And some manual editing of the development system and configuration files is required (e.g. ACME and VICE locations).
Sorry! See for use within Visual Code or build.bat for building outside of Visual Code.

Additional work will be required for non-Windows platforms.

The introduction to this software is documented on my blog

Built C64 disk image is here (Recommend use Epyx Fast Load or equivalent to speed up disk access, including in emulators):

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