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Clojurescript UI templating and binding
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Closeout - a state binding library

Demo Site

If it's slow to start - it probably means that the instance has to boot up.


To use in you clojurescript projects you just have to include the dependency in your project.clj

  • clojars [closeout "0.1.0"]

use your preferred method for cljs compilation - provided it picks up jars in your project lib.


Good documentation is pending.

For now please see the demo application code. In particular - the applications themselves are defined in the templates files.

if you want to build and hack this

You will need to work with the generic code.

This is necessary so that I can produce generic code and still jar the files for distribution


Copyright (C) 2012 Dave Sann

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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