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collection of document reference code that is documented, self-contained, run-ready, and up-to-date
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About Good Code Examples

This is a collection of code examples for my own reference. Although I am starting with Javascript, I'd like it to include good code examples from all environments that I have used over the years.

A secondary goal is to provide a "new programmer" experience similar to the instant-on, instant gratification of the Apple II in the early 1980s. The code examples should be stand-alone and runnable in a form that is close to production ready using modern tools and practice.

Target features:

  • Examples will be self-contained, complete, and 'runnable' as-is.
  • Examples will use modern language conventions and practices. Each convention will be dated and annotated as well in the source code.
  • Examples will be documented in the source.
  • Examples will be formatted with "tabs as spaces" and a wrapping line width of 80 characters for ease of printing.
  • Examples will be as fully cross-platform as possible for recent Mac, Linux, and Windows systems.

The examples will be implemented as the simplest possible version for maximum code clarity. Each example will also:

  • highlight critical control and data scopes in the source code.
  • use a practical modular approaches to code organization.
  • provide the steps for installing the development tools so you can run the code immediately.


This project uses NodeJS, Git, and Visual Studio Code to run Javascript examples from the terminal.

  • [Mac installation] walk through
  • [Windows installation] walk through
  • [Linux installation] walk through

Once you have these installed, you'll want to git clone this repo into your development directory from a terminal console by executing these commands

cd <your-development-folder>
git clone
cd good-code-examples
npm ci

This will install the NodeJS prerequisites. You only need to do this once on your first clone. Newer version of the repo adds more dependencies; if you see an error complaining about missing node modules after pulling the most recent update, try running the npm ci command again.

Running the Examples

Each folder in the source directory has a file which has instructions on running the examples as well as additional trivia.

Editing the Examples

A Visual Studio Code workspace code-examples.code-workspace is included. You can edit the files and save them; if you are running the example via one of the npm run scripts, they will be automatically recompile and update in a browser window!

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