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command line NodeJS utility to scan directory of .webloc and .url files to produce formatted listing
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This is a utility that scans a directory for .url (Windows) and .webloc (MacOS) shortcut files and produce a Markdown-formatted listing. I have a folder full of these that I'd like to scan and organize.

The utility is written as a NodeJS utility that installs to your command path via NPM.


If you don't have Node, install it. Then clone this repo. Issue the following commands.

> cd urldump
> npm install
> npm link

The npm link command installs urldump as a global command. (Mac) If you need to delete it and npm unlink fails, go to usr/local/bin/ and delete the urldump@ symlink there.


This is a pretty basic command.

> urldump             # scans current directory for webloc and url
> urldump <dir>       # scans for subpath in current directory
> urldump /full/path  # scan the specified full path

Formatted text is output to the console, so to capture it to a file do something like this:

> urldump >

The formatting is as a bulleted list:

* 2013/11/03 [Name of Shortcut File](http://url-to-destination)

That's all it does! It's pretty straightforward.

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