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RFTool AD9361 based SDR

RFTool is a standalone AD9361 based SDR with a USB 3 interface and a number of other useful features:

  • AD9361 transceiver IC - dual channel 70MHz-6GHz, up to 54MHz channel bandwidth
  • Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA (XC7A50T-2FTG256I) with 64MBit HyperRAM
  • FT601Q USB 3.0 interface
  • Two LNA inputs (500MHz-3GHz only) and one attenuated input (full AD9361 range)
  • All inputs protected to over +27dBm input
  • Two PA outputs (500MHz-3GHz only) with >20dBm output power and one direct output (full range)
  • Flexible external reference input (switchable termination and coupling)
  • USB powered, no external power needed

Rev 1.0 of the hardware has been built and initial tests completed. Receive-only FPGA code and a simple Spectrum Analyser application for Linux has also been built.

Rev 1.0 Hardware