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Gigapet-FE - Build Week Project

This repo is a copy of the files used by me, Dave Inden, and other developers to complete a Build Week challenge while attending Lambda School.

Project Description

Build Week at Lambda School is where multiple students at varying levels across all programs are put together into a team and are tasked with building a functioning application in four days. This Build Week project was to build an application called Gigapet where parents could track the food eaten by their children. As their child eats healthy foods more regularly an avatar (the "Gigapet") would become happier and happier. Eating right keeps the pet happy. A short walkthrough video of the application can be seen on YouTube here.

Project Assignment

I worked as one of 3 React developers on the build for the front end client of the application. I was tasked with building specific components including styling for the main dashboard page that lists all of the children the parent is tasking and the listing of the recent meals for all children. I assisted in implementing state from Redux on these components and also pair programmed with the two other developers to complete the functionality controlling the Gigapet's behavior.

Project Build

Demonstrates use of the following:

  • Team based Git flow: Each developer worked on their own branch and changes were merged to master via Pull Requests
  • React component development
  • Connecting to and consuming data in components from a backend database via API
  • Semantic UI for layout of card and button components
  • Styled Components for custom layout and styling needs
  • Consuming data in global state stored in Redux


Code for the full application built by the Front End and Back End teams can be found here.


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