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Refugee Stories - Build Week Project

This repo is a copy of the files used by me, Dave Inden, to complete a Build Week challenge while attending Lambda School.

Project Description

Build Week at Lambda School is where multiple students at varying levels across all programs are put together into a team and are tasked with building a functioning application in four days. This Build Week project was to build an application called Refugee Stories where displaced people can come to share their story of being a refugee. By helping them share their stories others can learn more about the real people at the heart of the refugee crisis.

Project Assignment

I was tasked with building two static pages to be a landing page for the project, linking out to the full application, and provide information about the team members building the application.

Project Build

Demonstrates use of the following:

  • Semantic HTML
  • CSS (preprocessed with Less)
  • Flexbox for layout
  • Responsive design principles
  • Desktop first design

Carousel on main page was implemented using Slick.


  • Images in carousel are not stock photos. The "Learn More" buttons on those stories link out to the source material to credit the original authors.

  • Other links on the page have purposefully been left non-functional except the link to the About page for information about my team members on the project.

Page is published to Github Pages and can be seen here:

Code for the full application built by the Front End and Back End teams can be found here.

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