Presentation and examples for using Python to interact with Bitcoin
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Exchange Digital Money using Bitcoin

The Presentation for this talk is at

For Linux, you will want to install the following packages to use these demos:
  • git
  • python-simplejson
  • python-irclib
  • pygame
  • Django

Make a local copy of this repository with:

git clone git://

Simple JSON-RPC Demo

The demo uses a local snapshot of the bitcoin-targeted jsonrpc package. It requires python-simplejson.

The Bitcoin JSON-RPC API and the RPC Calls are documented in the Bitcoin Wiki.

Web Application


A simple Django web application which demonstrates working with Bitcoin. The Bitcoin wallet is used to hold the data model. See the README in the payme directory for details.

The demo requires Django.

Bitcoin Transaction Monitor

Defines a module that Watches the BitcoinWatch IRC channel and uses registered callback functions to flag every transaction seen there.

This demo uses a local snapshot of the ircbot library. It requires python-irclib, and pygame for the demo mode.