Groovy builder DSL for writing JFreeChart graphs.
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Wraps JFreeChart with a groovy builder DSL. Moved from it's original location on due to project closure.

Groovy chart is a wrapper to make using the great JFreeChart easier in the groovy language. If you are not familiar with JFreeChart I recommend you take a look at the JFreeChart source website. There are a few examples contained within the src/test/groovy package that show how to use it for the most common types of graph.

JFreeChart library homepage that this project is built upon, the book available here of very useful:

A few bits and pieces about groovy on my blog:

Another example of usage here:

Below is an example of using the library to produce a simple 3d bar chart:

import java.awt.BorderLayout as BL

import com.thecoderscorner.groovychart.chart.ChartBuilder
import groovy.swing.SwingBuilder
import java.awt.Color
import java.awt.Font
import javax.swing.JFrame
import org.jfree.chart.ChartPanel
import org.jfree.chart.labels.PieToolTipGenerator

def largeFont = new Font("Arial", Font.BOLD, 15);

ChartBuilder cb = new ChartBuilder();
def pieChart = cb.piechart3d(title: "Simple Pie Chart") {
    defaultPieDataset {
    antiAlias true

    pieplot {
        sectionOutlinesVisible false
        labelFont largeFont
        labelGap 0.02
        toolTipGenerator ({ dataset, key -> return "[${dataset} ${key}]" as String } as PieToolTipGenerator)

        sectionPaint('Series1', paint: new Color(255,0,0))
        sectionPaint('Series2', paint: new Color(0,255,0))
        sectionPaint('Series3', paint: new Color(0,0,255))

def sb = new SwingBuilder()
def fr = sb.frame( title : 'Simple Pie Chart', size:[600, 400], defaultCloseOperation: JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE) {
    widget(new ChartPanel(pieChart.chart), constraints: BL.CENTER)