Base packages for controlling Baxter using ros_control
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Sorry, too many things to maintain. Use at your own risk.

Baxter SSH - Run Inside Baxter

A C++ version of the Baxter SDK that works along side the Rethink SDK. This is the base package that contains a ros_control implementation of the Baxter controllers, and it is intended to run on Baxter itself


  • Baxter ros_control position, velocity, or torque trajectory controllers


  • A Baxter with dual parallel electric grippers with SDK v1.0.0 installed


  • Two options of where to setup baxter_cpp

    • Option 1: SSH into Baxter

      • See

      • Install other software tools if desired - see section "Installing Other Software on Baxter"

      • Install missing depenencies for Groovy (this is only if running on Baxter itself)

        • xacro
        • cmake_modules -b master
        • control_toolbox -b indigo-devel
        • realtime_tools -b indigo-devel
        • control_msgs -b indigo-devel
        • wstool
    • Option 2: Install on developer machine

      Just continue on...

  • Create a catkin workspace if you don't already have one (we recommend a separate one for Baxter)

    mkdir -p ~/ros/ws_baxter/src
    cd ~/ros/ws_baxter/src
    wstool init .
  • Install these baxter_ssh packages: Note: replaces Rethink's baxter_common with a version that has parallel electric end effectors modeled

    wstool merge --merge-replace -y
  • Download the Baxter packages:

    wstool update
  • Build

    cd ..

Bringup Baxter

Enable controllers

  • Power on baxter and SSH in

  • Bringup ros_control controllers - starts a position-based trajectory controller. See Hardware Control Modes for other control modes

    roslaunch baxter_control baxter_hardware.launch

Hardware Control Modes

This Baxter repository uses ros_control to send trajectories to Baxter via the joint_trajectory_controller. Trajectories can be executed on Baxter in either position mode or velocity mode. You can easily switch between the two - both are loaded at startup but position is started by default:

  • Position Control

    Load the position controllers (not loaded by default)

    rosrun controller_manager spawner --stopped position_joint_mode_controller left_position_trajectory_controller right_position_trajectory_controller --namespace /robot &

    Start the position controllers and stop the velocity controllers

    rosservice call /robot/controller_manager/switch_controller "{start_controllers: ['position_joint_mode_controller','left_position_trajectory_controller','right_position_trajectory_controller'], stop_controllers: ['velocity_joint_mode_controller','left_velocity_trajectory_controller','right_velocity_trajectory_controller'], strictness: 2}"

    Plot position error of position-based trajectory controller

    roslaunch baxter_control joint_position_left_trajectory_controller.launch
    roslaunch baxter_control joint_position_right_trajectory_controller.launch
  • Velocity Control

    rosservice call /robot/controller_manager/switch_controller "{start_controllers: ['velocity_joint_mode_controller','left_velocity_trajectory_controller','right_velocity_trajectory_controller'], stop_controllers: ['position_joint_mode_controller','left_position_trajectory_controller','right_position_trajectory_controller'], strictness: 2}"

    Plot position error of velocity-based trajectory controller

    roslaunch baxter_control joint_velocity_left_trajectory_controller.launch
    roslaunch baxter_control joint_velocity_right_trajectory_controller.launch
  • Torque Control


Programmed Buttons

End Effector Cuff

  • Rectangular button: close end effector
  • Circular button: open end effector

Back of Robot Shoulders

  • Left shoulder button: enable Baxter
  • Right shoulder button: disable Baxter

Installing Other Software on Baxter

Some helpful notes for setting up your Baxter to be more useful. Its suggested you place all software in a folder software

cd ~
mkdir software

Install emacs

wget SOME-MIRROR/emacs-24.3.tar.xz
tar xvfJ emacs-24.3.tar.xz
cd emacs-24.3
./configure --with-gif=no

Add to PATH:

export PATH=$PATH:/home/ruser/software/emacs-24.3/lib-src/
export PATH=$PATH:/home/ruser/software/emacs-24.3/src/

Install colordiff

tar xvfz colordiff-1.0.13.tar.gz
cd colordiff-1.0.13
mkdir ~/bin ~/man ~/etc

Edit Makefile to say first three lines:


Install - The script will complain about changing ownership of colordiffrc - ignore the error.

 make install

Add to PATH in .bashrc

 export PATH=$PATH:/home/ruser/bin

Install catkin_tools

First edit your .bashrc and add:

 export PYTHONPATH="/home/ruser/bin/catkin_tools/lib/python2.7/site-packages:$PYTHONPATH"

Source your .bashrc then

 cd ~/ros
 git clone
 cd catkin_tools/
 python install --prefix ~/bin/catkin_tools


BSD (New BSD License)


Please help - see Contribute page.