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Getting Started with Angular on Ruby on Rails

This is the source of http://angular-rails.com. To build it, you'll need to do a few things:

  1. bundle install or gem install bookingit to install the bookingit gem
  2. git clone https://github.com/davetron5000/receta git_repos/receta to clone the repository containing the source code examples in the book
  3. createuser -d receta to create a new PostgreSQL user as required by receta/config/database.yml
  4. pushd git_repos/receta && bundle install && popd to install all gems that are required for the receta project
  5. bookingit build to generate the HTML and CSS for the book

Once this is done, open book/index.html in your browser. Whenever you change something, re-run bookingit build.

Changes to the source

bookingit uses git tags and such to generate the source and diffs in the book. This allows me to know that everything is working and control what's being displayed. Unfortunately, if something needs to change, this breaks all the tags and SHA-1s. I haven't sorted out a good way to fix this yet.