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-= Git-Like Interface Command Line Parser
+<b>This branch is no longer maintained, please use the <code>gli-2</code> branch, as that is where all active development is happening</b>
-Author:: Dave Copeland (mailto:davetron5000 at g mail dot com)
-Copyright:: Copyright (c) 2010 by Dave Copeland
-License:: Distributes under the Apache License, see LICENSE.txt in the source distro
-This is a DSL you can use to create a command line interface like git, gem or svn, in that the first argument is a command, and there are global and command specific flags.
-* {Source on Github}[]
-* RDoc[]
-== Use
-Install if you need to:
- gem install gli
-The simplest way to get started is to create a scaffold project
- gli init my_proj command_name other_command_name
-This will create a basic scaffold project in <tt>./my_proj</tt> with:
-* executable in <tt>./my_proj/bin/my_proj</tt>. This file demonstrates most of what you need to describe your command line interface.
-* an empty test in <tt>./my_proj/test/tc_nothing.rb</tt> that can bootstrap your tests
-* a gemspec shell
-* a README shell
-* Rakefile that can generate RDoc, package your Gem and run tests
-* A <tt>Gemfile</tt> suitable for use with Bundler to manage development-time dependencies
-== Supported Platforms
-Known to work on
-* 1.8.7
-* 1.9.2
-* 1.9.3
-* Ruby Enterprise Edition 1.8.7
-* Rubinius 1.0.1
-* JRuby 1.6.4
-If you're interested in other versions of Ruby, let me know, and I'll add them to my test suite
-== Documentation
-Extensive documentation is {available at the wiki}[]. For API Documentation, start with the GLI module.
-== Links
-* [] - RubyDoc
-* [] - Source on GitHub
-* [] - Documentation Wiki
-* [] - Changelog
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