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Generate XML for your events to make Michael Swaine's life easy when he creates PragPub each month

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prag_events(1) -- Generate XML for your events to make Michael Swaine's life easy

You should use the new fancy web interface instead!


prag_events --you YOUR_NAME --talk TALK_TITLE --conference CONFERENCE --date DATE

prag_events --who YOUR_NAME --what TALK_TITLE --where CONFERENCE --when DATE


$ gem install prag_events

Or, if not using rvm:

$ sudo gem install prag_events


prag_events generates the XML format that Michael Swaine uses when creating the "events" section of the "PragPub" monthly magazine. You simply run this program with the right inputs and copy the given XML into an email to Michael.

This is probably not useful unless you are an author for the Pragmatic Programmers and on the private mailing list.


  • --conference CONFERENCE, --where CONFERENCE: Where the event will be held. This is likely the conference name with some HTML that links to the conference's website.

  • --you YOUR_NAME, --who YOUR_NAME: Who is presenting, likely you. This should contain a very brief bio (i.e. what book(s) you wrote) along with a link, in HTML

  • --talk TALK_TITLE, --what TALK_TITLE: Title of the talk or presentation you are given at the conference.

  • --date DATE, --when DATE: When the event takes place. This can be simple, like "Nov 5"

  • --version: Show help/version info


Default options, namely your bio, can be placed in ~/.prag_events.rc and should be a YAML file that looks like this:

:who: 'Your name, and <a href="">Some HTML</a> to your book.

Note that we specifically do not grab your name from the environment because you really should include more than just your name here.


My talk at OSCON 2012, using my bio in ~./prag_events.rc

prag_events --where '<a href="">OSCON 2012</a>' --when 'Jul 19' --what 'Threads and JRuby, the Simple Alternative to Evented'
        <when>Jul 19</when>
        <what>Threads and JRuby, the Simple Alternative to Evented</what>
        <who>David Copeland, Author of <a href="">Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby</a></who>
        <where><a href="">OSCON 2012</a></where>


David Copeland, davec (at)


prag_events is copyright(c) 2012 by David Copeland, released under the Apache license.


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