Wraps Maven/Surefire so that vim can step through the test errors
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Surfire Test Errors

This runs maven and, if there are test failures, produces output suitable for vim "quickfix" mode stepthrough. This has only been used with JUnit; TestNG is likely a different beast


sudo gem install davetron5000-sfte


Set up your .vimrc or some file it includes with:

let &makeprg="sfte mvn -d test -v very -f /path/to/your/pom.xml"

Modify your maven2.vim compiler plugin as so:

CompilerSet errorformat=
    \%[%^[]%\\@=%f:%l:\ %m,
    \%A%[%^[]%\\@=%f:[%l\\,%v]\ %m,
    \%-Clocation\ %#:%.%#,
    \%-Z\ %#

The first line of that is what I added to get the errors to show up, so if you have a more sophisticated errorformat, that's what you need to add.

Now, when you do a :make from vim, test failures will output like compile errors and you can step through in quickfix mode.


You will probably need to set the -p option to sfte, as this indicates a Java package-prefix for your codebase. So, if you work example.com, you'd probably need

sfte -p com.example mvn

usage: sfte command [options]

    -p, --prefix=a class package-style prefix - Classname prefix that indicates 
                                                YOUR code (default: pos)

    cat  - Extracts useful info from surefire test output
    efm  - Outputs the given surfire text files as vim-efm lines for stepthrough
    help - Shows list of commands or help for one command
    mvn  - Run mvn


This is the command you'll run from vim.

mvn [options] Maven command line
    Run mvn

    -d maven target                        - Default target (default: 
    -f full path to pom file               - Specify the pom file
    -v, --verbose="very" or something else - Show maven output


Parse out only the relevant bits of a Surefire error report

cat [options] The name of the test that failed, from maven output (not filename) Extracts useful info from surefire test output

Options: -a, --all - Show the entire file instead of relevant parts -b, --basedir=arg - Override the base dir, when looking for the file (default: .)

This can be useful if you ran tests on the command line and don't want to slog through the output looking for what's relevant.


This allows you to parse any Surefire plugin test output and translate it into usable output on the command line (this is used by mvn if there are test failures