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RESTful URL Shortener for utf-8 vanity urls, written in Scala
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Shorty is a RESTful url shortening application written in Scala.


Licensed under the MIT license, see LICENSE.txt


  • cp src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/ src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/
  • Edit with:
    • Full path to writable directory where you will store your database
    • the name of your host for shortening,
    • secret key to keep others from using it
  • ./prod # Copies your to web.xml
  • sbt package
  • on your deployment server, create the database directory
  • scp package/shorty-1.0.war to your J2EE container to deploy it


  • POST to
    • Returns the shortened URL
    • If you request text/xml or application/json, you will get an XML or JSON version
    • Request alternate formats via the Accept: header, or via the _type request parameter


  • Wanted to write a real-world Scala app I could use
  • Wanted to write my own shortener for my domain
  • Wanted to write something that could use Scala actors
  • Wanted to learn SBT some


Read my blog entry on it, or just skim this list for the lazy:

  • Scala is a fun and concise language
  • Bridging un-genericized classes (e.g. java.util.Enumeration) to Scala is painful
  • ScalaTest is reasonably cool
  • SBT is so close to being awesome, and is better than Maven, but still not that great
  • J2EE packaging and deploying sucks
  • Scala makes things so much easier than the Java equivalents.
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