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1.22pre081119 - Refresh of GIT fork by Steve Davies
Add AutoFilter=unique option for better ActionID tracking (Steve Davies)
Add more_events option for users to get more "noise" (Steve Davies)
1.22pre081111 - Refresh of GIT fork by Steve Davies
Segfault amd SIGPIPE fixes (Steve Davies)
Several fixes to UniqueID header tracking (Steve Davies)
Ensure that Response: headers are not filtered out. Assumes ActionID is sent (Steve Davies)
1.22fork - GIT fork by Steve Davies for code merge
Add "account" parameter to users file - Forces Account: header on Originate (Steve Davies)
Add "server" parameter to users file - equivalent to Server: line in requests (Steve Davies)
Allow multiple-logins by logging off when a 2nd Login action arrives (Steve Davies)
(Helps compatability with some Manager Panel products)
Include ActionID: in error responses and Login: responses (Steve Davies)
(ActivaTSP and some other products require this)
Client Timeout value was not being loaded (Wolfgang Pichler)
Ensures that clients see all the right channel data (Steve Davies)
Each server records a stack of NewChannel events
Each client records which NewChannel events have been passed
If a filtered session bridges channels, ensure that related NewChannel(s) are sent
1.22pre current trunk
1.21 Major code formatting cleanup and official release of 1.21pre (trunk)
Documentation overhaul & cleanup
1.21pre Added URLDecode routine to http.c to deal with URL-encoded GET/POST data
Fixed xml.c to better deal with cli/unparsed data
Cleaned up Makefile for better support of Mac OS X 10.4
Changed message to be dynamically allocated in HandleAsterisk; solved bus error on Mac OS X 10.4
1.20 Cleanup and official release of 1.20pre
1.20pre Now using ast_carefulwrite for non-blocking writes to all sockets
Added asteriskwritetimeout config setting for asterisk write timeout
Added clientwritetimeout config setting for client write timeout
Added support for astmanproxy.users user authentication (Steve Davies)
Added support for Action: Challenge/AuthType: MD5 authentication
Added challenge field to mansession structure for use by Action: Challenge
Added writetimeout var to mansession structure for use by ast_carefulwrite
Added SSL Support (Remco Treffkorn, Mahesh Karoshi, John Todd; Tello Corp)
Added 'usessl' option for connecting to asterisk servers
Fixed proxykey pointer bug (Steve Davies)
Ditched autodisconnect handler property in favor of inputcomplete/outputcomplete
1.1pre2 Completely Modularized and Abstracted Input/Output formats
Cleaned up session write mutex code (Peter Loeppky)
Fixed message initialization bug -- using wrong sizeof
Added XML Input format
Added HTTP Input format
Added CSV Output format
Support for connections to an arbitrary number of Asterisk servers
Added retryinterval and maxretries to conf for reconnecting lost servers
1.1pre3 Added _autodisconnect property for I/O handlers
Added _onconnect method for I/O handlers
Returned connection banner to standard input handler via _onconnect method
1.1 Finalized /usr/lib/astmanproxy/modules for shared objects in Makefile
Added make uninstall target
Added fail on no I/O handlers loaded
Updated README, added samples dir
1.11 Added ProxyAction ListServers (Richard Lyman)
Fixed output bug, excess terminators (Dennis Persson)
1.12 Added support for bad/old-style Asterisk output (Ron Arts)
Tweaked for compatibility with Flash Operator Panel (Nicolas Gudino)
1.13 Changed to read only /etc/asterisk/astmanproxy.conf and not ./astmanproxy.conf
Added a 'connected' field so we don't try to write to servers which are not yet connected
Exits when there are no servers able to connect
Doesn't attempt to re-connect to a server if we get 'Authentication failed'
Added a connection timeout by using connect_nonb
Confirmed support for x86-64 processors (added -fPIC; Jennifer Hales)
Added support for Mac OS X (Tested on 10.3.9); BSD may also work
Aborts on old config file format (detects incomplete server spec)
0.99a Initial Beta Release
0.99b Moved WriteXMLClient into xml.c
Fixed XML tag bug (Bryan Ballard)
Fixed ast_log instances
1.0 First major release
1.0a Added minor Makefile changes
Added Debian package support (Tzafrir Cohen)
1.0b Action: logoff (lowercase) was not intercepted properly (Steven Blatchford)
Fixed SetOutputFormat documentation error (Steven Blatchford)
1.0c Intercept empty command blocks; do not pass to Asterisk
Added call for proxyerror routine, previously unreferenced
Intercept Action: Login; always authenticates and does not pass to *
1.0d Properly intercept SIGPIPE (Brian Jones)
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