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Bartender Style Recipe Specs

Update 11 June 2013

Added some more cocktails:

Amaretto Sour, Aperol Spritz, Benton's Old Fashioned, Champs-Elysées, Corn & Oil, Earl Grey MarTEAni, Gin Gin Mule, Hemingway Special, Jack Rose, Martinez, Penicillian, Pisco Sour, Planters Punch, Southside Cocktail, St-Germain Cocktail, Vieux Carre

Update 28 Jan 2013

96 Drinks now added and formatted to the list with (hopefully) correct glass types..


Cocktails is a list of of some popular classic and modern classics cocktail recipes presented (in metric units) in a quick-to-read 'spec sheet' format similar to those used by bartenders. The list comes from a similar list I made when I trained bartenders on cocktails and spirits in London, UK.

I realise that different bars/bartenders have their own ways of making drinks that may differ from what I have used, however I’ve tried to give versions of the cocktails that I feel work well internationally – recipes are a guide, not a book of law! Also, glassware is kept relatively simple (similar to what you would expect in a good home bar without needing to get too exotic).

For more information about mixing methods, techniques, or ingredients I have a cocktail blog at [Make Cocktails at Home] (

David Turnbull


[] (


Some popular classic and modern classic cocktails presented (in metric units) in markdown as a bartender 'spec sheet'



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