An address autocomplete web service written in Go and backed by Elasticsearch
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Address Autocomplete web service

This is a proof-of-concept address autocomplete web service written in Go and backed by Elasticsearch that can support "typeahead" for address search fields in applications. Read [my blog post] for more details and check out the demo.


You'll need Go and ElasticSearch.

Get this repo (don't clone!):

go get -d

To create the index, custom analzyer and address mapping:

cd $GOPATH/src/

And to populate the database:

export AUTOCOMPLETE_FILE=/home/user/path/to/csv/file
cd index/
go build

and make yourself a sandwich because that'll take a while.

NOTE: If your Elasticsearch instance isn't running at localhost:9200, you'll have to change references to it in the main.go and index/main.go files.

Starting the app

From the main directory:

go build
export AUTOCOMPLETE_PORT=8000 [or whatever]


The resource is at /autocomplete and it takes two query parameters: q and num (optional). q is a string that you are trying to get address suggestions for and num is the number of suggestions that you want (25 max, 10 default). For example:

http://localhost:8000/autocomplete?q=1234 m&q=15


The API can be made more effective by:

  1. Street name aliasing (ie. "NINTH" -> "9TH")
  2. Matching on misspellings (ie. "MAKRET" -> "MARKET") (via n-grams?)
  3. Weighting of returned results by some additional attribute of each address (street type? ie. "minor" vs. "major" streets). This requires GIS to do and I didn't feel like it at the time. If someone wanted to attach street centerline classes to each row in the data and send me a pull request that would be awesome! Pretty please?

Pull requests accepted!