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An elisp module for creating Java Advanced Imaging DAGs much more quickly
Emacs Lisp
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An elisp module for creating Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) DAGs much more quickly and less painfully.


If you've ever hacked on JAI you know that writing self-contained DAGs means lots of scope and parameters and can be awful. If you happen to be an Emacs user this can make your life simpler.


Load jai.el via M-x load-file into your emacs environment then call M-x jai-buildop. It will then enter interactive mode and you should provide the name of the JAI operator variable you'd like to create and insert at the current location. You will then be asked for the JAI operator which is to be inserted. For example:

M-x jai-buildop
RenderedOp name: example_adder
JAI Operation: add


RenderedOp example_adder; {
  ParameterBlockJAI pb = new ParameterBlockJAI("add");
    example_adder = JAI.create("add", pb);

Notice what is created: a variable of type RenderedOp called example_adder in the current scope. In addition, an anonymous scope is created inside of which a ParameterBlockJAI is created with the necessary bits to construct the operator, and then example_adder is actually created with that ParameterBlockJAI so that the current scope is not poluted with the blocks taking up names, etc.


I have no idea. I have tested this under Emacs 21 where it was developed ages during my awesome graduate years. It also works under Aquamacs on OSX 10.7. Since I am struggling to determine if JAI even exists anymore I won't investigate much further unless there suddenly appears a meaningful user-base (where meaningful is defined as more than 0, which is the current user-base).

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