(work in progress) rspec integration testing for vagrant vms
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Vagabond is currently a work-in-progress. Features may be missing or subject to change.

What it is

Vagabond — until the 0.1.0 release — is a playground for a few different approaches for integration testing of infrastructure. We're still determining how best to handle a lot of things with the goal of making Vagabond very modular so we can re-use parts of it for other, similar projects (think Vagabond but on EC2 / Rackspace).

When we started on this particular revision of the code we pretty much threw out the old code because it made some fundamentally wrong assumptions and wouldn't have worked going forward, so all of this is new.

Local vs. Remote specs

Vagabond now supports "remote specs". Remote specs are those specs run from your local host (as opposed to the guest vagabond spins up) to check external behaviors of that host. For example you may want to run some Capybara specs against a web app hosted on the guest or check for open ports and that Apache and OpenSSH are running and reachable on the guest. How cool would that be? Well it's working!

What it isn't

Stable (yet).

Finished (yet).

That Said...

We'd love some of your help or input!


  1. Install VirtualBox.
  2. Install Bundler.
  3. Clone repository
  4. Run bundle install
  5. Run rake vagabond:setup to download example cookbooks and specs
  6. Run rake vagabond:spec

Adding new resources and matchers for Remote specs

  • Any gems you need for remote specs should be tagged with the commented #group: :remote_test in the Gemfile (see the examples for ruby-nmap and capybara-webkit). Do Not put them in a group with a block as the ugliest hack ever in the Chef default cookbook will then fail to do The Right Thing during provisioning and this whole house of cards will fail.

  • Webapp specs wrap up a Capybara-webkit instance so you can write your standard integration tests against an app deployed on your host. Check that you can login (full stack tests!) and do cool things.