A brief explanation of the set system

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Sets are the system that AA development uses to modularize development of cards for the game. This is intended to be a brief explanation of what sets are and how they work and some extra information on making/using them.

A set is a collection of cards that are grouped together and managed by one person. There are two types of sets: standalone sets and expansion sets.

-A standalone set is intended to be a complete game unto itself. It should have more than enough cards of each school to make one strong Mono-deck for each school and should try to balance the schools against each other within itself.

-An expansion set is a much smaller collection of cards, intended to flesh out a theme or niche mechanic that there isn't enough room to fit in the standalone sets. They should be designed to support a standalone set and to add diversity and depth to the game and to allow more complicated options to be included when the standalone sets might wish to keep itself simple for newer players.

Currently the only standalone set is 'core', which is what we are most focused on playtesting. We encourage development of other sets, and especially of 'trading' cards to other sets where that makes sense. By dividing things up into sets we can have multiple designers exploring their own design space without stepping on each other's toes. Feel encouraged to make cards, test and try things out, and experiment. It may be that you'll make something core can use and if you don't you may be able to use it as the base for a set later.

Currently, in order to distribute cards in a set you must create a campaign with scenarios specified to belong to that set. When a player wins a fight in a scenario they get a pack of cards from the set that scenario is specified to belong to.

Anyone can create a set. You never define a 'set' in the code (though you will have to create set symbols) instead you simply list a card as belonging to a set and that set now exists and includes that card and any other cards that are listed as belonging to it. Managers of sets are encouraged to try many cards and then prune out on cards that don't play as well as you'd like. Feel free to stretch the mechanics of the game and try strange mechanics.

Any card that does not belong to a set is fair game to be included in a set that wants it. If you wish to include a card in a different set in yours, you should ask that sets manager first. All set managers are encouraged to let core take the cards it asks for as Argentum Age is most likely to succeed if it launches with a strong trunk.

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