Fiddly Rules

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Some Fiddly rules in the game:

  • Moving Rule: After the player pushing the moving button, creatures will move whenever they have space and unspent movements. The movement can no longer happen amid a response chain, though.
  • A creature is unable to attack with a zero attack. And it would never choose not to engage when it can, no matter how infeasible the result can be anticipated.
  • Negative attack is identical to a zero attack, while negative armor increase the damage the creature gets.
  • Creatures and some lands have actions, which replendish every turn. Some ability uses an action, and it takes an action for a creature to engage in offense.
  • A creature with multiple actions would engage with a Valiant creature for multiple times, even if the Valiant creature's life already dropped below zero.
  • Some abilities are used in the form of pseudo-cards in game, but these pseudo-cards are not considered as cards.
  • Spell fizzle: All the effects of a spell would fail if any of its targets fail to pass the validity check.
  • Creatures only use ranged attack in offence, they retaliate like normal melee creatures and behave like melee creatures in Staged Duels.
  • When a land overwrites an old land, the new lands effects are applied before the old ones effects are removed (so you can place a dusk wind obelisk onto another dusk wind obelisk to cause all creatures to lose an extra 2 life for an instant (long enough for them to die).
  • When a creature is both in the range of a Guard Post and engaged with another creature, the combat may happen even if the Guard Post can kill that creature.
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