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The Deephelm Explorer is a Materia character who grows more powerful by entering land tiles and exploring them. She is a young, inquisitive, but serious character who is enamored by exploring and discovery.


Being summoned

Summoning Animation

When summoned the Explorer should sound enthusiastic and eager to go; she is beginning a journey she is eager to embark on.

  • "And so I begin my journey of discovery"
  • "What artifacts have I been summoned to discover?"

Being summoned (in a lane with no lands)

Being summoned into a lane with no lands is generally not a good move for the player, since the idea of the Deephelm Explorer is to explore lands. She should sound disappointed and perplexed.

  • "I came to explore grand temples, and all I see are empty plains"

Being summoned (in a lane with many lands)

Being summoned into a lane with many lands is a big opportunity for the Deephelm Explorer and she should react with excitement and curiosity.

  • "So many artifacts to discover!"

Entering a land (discovering artifacts)

The explorer is excited when she enters a new land. She loves discovering new things and grows more powerful, her voice should be excited and enthusiastic.

  • "A relic! I have discovered a relic of ages long passed!"
  • "So much to explore!"
  • "A strange rune, now to decipher it"
  • "With each discovery, my power grows"

Entering combat (favorable odds)

  • "With the aid of my relics I will dispatch you!"
  • "Let us fight then"

Entering combat (unfavorable odds)

The explorer is entering combat and looks certain to die. She should sound scared though defiant.

  • "I will go down fighting!"
  • "A little help, please!"

Several turns with no activity

  • "Well, this is exciting..."
  • "There really are so many other things I could be doing right now."

Escaping death

This prompt is played when the Explorer looked certain to die but the player worked out a way to save her. It is usually a very positive feeling for the player and the explorer should sound cheery and non-chalant about her brush with death.

  • "I was not ready to die, there is more to explore"
  • "You thought that would do me in?"


  • "I perish..."
  • "So much left ... undiscovered..."
  • "So this will be ... my tomb!"
  • "My journey ends..."
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