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Drupal 8 - accommodation API module
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#DBO DEV TEST Basic Drupal 8 module using Atlas API to display a list of accommodation in NSW by region.


None. Guzzle is used, which is part of core. No custom templating was done, the results are being displayed in a form markup field. For best results, you should disable caching on your dev site to see page changes:

Disable Drupal 8 caching during development


  • dbo_dev.module - Main module file which contains a form alter, which is passed off to a service src/alter/DboDevFormAlter.php
  • - Services file
  • src/Alter/DboFormAlterInterface.php - Template form alter method which is implemented in src/alter/DboDevFormAlter.php
  • src/Form/DboDevForm.php - Where the actual form is built. This is setup in the routing file dbo_dev.routing.yml
  • config/install/dbo_dev.config.yml - Config file containing the base API URL and key. This is used in the buildUrl method in src/Helper/DboHelper.php
  • src/alter/DboDevFormAlter.php - Form alter method which overrides the built form, calls the API and adds results to a markup field at the bottom of the form.
  • src/Helper/DboHelper.php - Helper file. Contains an API call method, and a build URL method.

Run on your dev site

  • Install module.
  • go to [your url]/application/dbodevform
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