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Summary If you allow anonymous content creation, this module handles the Claim of the content if the anonymous user Logs in or registers an account.

Installation Install in the usual way.

Configuration Go to admin/config/registration-claim-content or Configuration > Content authoring > Registration claim content. Select your content Types. Note you must enable the create content type permission for the selected content types for anonymous users. Enter Your cookie expiry value. Enter your cookie name. and save.

Process Anonymous user creates a content which you set permission for. The module simply sets a cookie to with the new id, or appends the cookie if the anonymous creates multiple The user registers or logs in. The created node(s) will be assigned to the user after logging in or registration. At this point when the user is assigned the content this module provides a hook which passes the node object with the updated user id. You may use this hook to handle any custom configurations you may require.

Example hook usage:
 * Implements hook_registration_claim_content_node_update().
function MYMODULE_registration_claim_content_node_update($node) {
  if (is_object($node)) {
    $type = $node->getType();
    if ($type == 'your_conten_type') {
      // GET New or logged in user id.
      $uid = $node->getOwnerId();

      // Get some other value of a custom field.
      $field = $node->get('field_some_field')->value;
      // Party!

      // No need to call $node->save().

  The future of this module is to create proper dependency injected classes to bring code out of the .module file.
  Give a Security over hall to use sessions so that the cookie can not be altered as easy.
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