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Falling into Octopress/Jekyll

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1 parent 3d8e8b6 commit 5f36faeff7a092fa6855e4eb48cadc52cf63d677 @davfigue committed May 11, 2012
8 _config.yml
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# ----------------------- #
-title: My Octopress Blog
-subtitle: A blogging framework for hackers.
-author: Your Name
+title: davfigue's programming stuff
+subtitle: A personal journal of discoveries.
+author: David Figueroa
+description: blogging, web development, programming
# Default date format is "ordinal" (resulting in "July 22nd 2007")
# You can customize the format as defined in
31 ...ce/_posts/2012-05-11-falling-into-octopress-slash-jekyll-the-new-way-of-blogging.markdown
@@ -0,0 +1,31 @@
+layout: post
+title: "Falling into Octopress/Jekyll: the new way of blogging"
+date: 2012-05-11 02:19
+comments: true
+categories: [blogging, ruby, github]
+Well, after listening to a friend about all the bell and whistles
+related to blogging with [Octopress]( I decided to
+test it by myself. The
+philosophy is simple but powerful. Octopress is based on
+[Jekyll](, as said in the project's page *"a
+simple, blog
+aware site generator"*, the main idea is to create your web site
+locally using a whole pipeline of tools like Textile, Markdown and
+others that are integrated into it (I'm not specially and expert about
+it) and spit out a complete
+static set of files that you can serve very easily with whatever
+webserver at your hands. Apart from minimizing the whole processing
+bunch needed to serve dynamic web sites (CMS, MVC frameworks, caching
+...) it is also very productive. The only thing that you need to write
+your stuff is a text editor (like Vim xD) and let the magic
+happen. Of course if you have a well configured text editor, you'll have
+a nice set of tools for editing your posts in whatever **text-to-html**
+conversion tool. Without noticing, now I have the subject for the next
+post, *How to configure **Vim** for efective editing and programming in
+modern times!*.
+Well that's all for today folks!

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