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Add FIXME comment with encoding information.

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reid committed Nov 17, 2010
1 parent e12de90 commit d37a167deb4f9933f4119f33d58ca7e444bda8e0
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@@ -85,6 +85,34 @@
<property name="" value="true"/>
<property name="yuicompressor.output" value="@{dest}"/>
<property name="yuicompressor.file" value="@{src}"/>
+ <!-- FIXME The encoding problems lie here.
+ I have not yet ruled out the HTTP server as the
+ cause of encoding issues. The JSON transformation
+ could be causing issues, but I doubt it. Still, I'm
+ looking into that now.
+ The file may be munged by the <echo/> task below
+ that writes out the extracted script from JSON
+ in the JS snippet and writes it to the -min file.
+ Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to
+ devise a mechanism that:
+ 1. Minifies the file over HTTP
+ 2. Displays warnings and errors in the build output.
+ 3. Fails the build if minification fails.
+ 4. Writes the minified result to a file.
+ I would suggest testing the HTTP server first to
+ make sure it's not the result of encoding problems.
+ The test you're using should be the yui3 text module.
+ Things start to look OK until the wordbreak data script.
+ A diff should yeild minor differences (e.g.
+ lowercase vars) instead of different Unicode.
+ -->
<echo>If this web request fails, try building again with or install the cURL executable into your PATH.</echo>
<exec executable="curl" input="@{src}" outputproperty="yuicompressor.result" failonerror="true" searchpath="true">
<arg value="--silent"/>
@@ -124,6 +152,8 @@
+ <!-- XXX: Encoding failure here? -->
+ <!-- Setting @encoding on echo didn't work for me, the output was worse. -->
<echo file="@{dest}" message="${yuicompressor.script}"/>
<var name="yuicompressor.output" unset="true"/>
<var name="yuicompressor.script" unset="true"/>

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