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Fix for Dust path evaluation when used with Express 2.5.9 #8

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It may be broken in earlier versions, too, but in Express 2.5.9 res.locals isn't an object reference, but instead a getter. The action of pushing the getter method onto the context created a subtle bug where standard replacements worked, but paths did not. e.g. {foo} works, {} fails.

The suggested fix should be backward compatible.

@totherik totherik It appears that the implementation of res.locals changed in express a…
…nd in newer versions it now refers to a getter method as opposed to a reference to the locals object. This error (pushing the getter function onto the context) prevented dust paths from being evaluated correctly, e.g. {foo} worked, but {} did not.

@swider You want to look at merging this in or do you want me to close it?

swider commented May 30, 2012

This should get fixed, but I don't think this is the best way - go ahead and close it.

@davglass davglass closed this May 30, 2012
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