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Git Travis-CI integration

Simple git subcommand to display the current build status for the project you are in.


npm -g install git-travis


Change into a git repo that has builds on Travis-CI.

Then issue: git travis to display the latest build.


To access github data over ssh, generate a GitHub Personal Access Token, make sure you have the following environment variable

export GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN=your_personal_access_token

More help:


Using my fork of YUI3

$ cd yui3
$ git travis
Fetching build status for davglass/yui3
    ✔ davglass/yui3
        ✔ 5b8b97f (3.x) Merge branch 'master' into 3.x (Dav Glass <>) (finished)
            ✔ 446.1 node_js 0.6
            ✔ 446.2 node_js 0.8
            ✔ 446.3 node_js 0.9

Using the lodash repo

$ cd lodash
$ git travis
Fetching build status for bestiejs/lodash
    ✔ bestiejs/lodash
        ✔ 28d5056 (master) Add json3.js, remove json2 and jslitmus from vendors. (John-David Dalton <>) (finished)
            ✔ 56.1 node_js 0.6
            ✔ 56.2 node_js 0.8

It also supports your current working branch. It will try to locate the latest build from your current active branch and show that to you.

[yeti][grover (0.1.0)] ➔ git travis
Fetching build status for davglass/grover:0.1.0
    ✔ davglass/grover
        ✔ 13206b8 (0.1.0) Change for travis (Dav Glass <>) (finished)
            ✔ 61.1 node_js 0.8
            ✔ 61.2 node_js 0.9
[yeti][grover (0.1.0)] ➔ git co master
Switched to branch 'master'
[yeti][grover (master)] ➔ git travis
Fetching build status for davglass/grover:master
    ✔ davglass/grover
        ✔ 7295735 (master) Removed deprecated 0.4 node build (Dav Glass <>) (finished)
            ✔ 60.1 node_js 0.8
            ✔ 60.2 node_js 0.9


This was a simple script because I liked it, I'll add some configuration to it in the future.

Build Status

Build Status