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YUITest Wrapper for PhantomJS

A little command line tool for running YUITest html files inside of PhantomJS.

This release supports exiting with the proper exit code to fail a build.


You must have the phantomjs command line tool installed prior to running this.

npm -g install grover

Build Status

Travis Build Status


grover app/tests/app.html yui/tests/index.html loader/tests/index.html editor/tests/editor.html
Starting Grover on 4 files with PhantomJS@1.5.0
  Running 15 concurrent tests at a time.
✔ [Loader Automated Tests]: Passed: 60 Failed: 0 Total: 60 (ignored 0)
✔ [App Framework]: Passed: 269 Failed: 0 Total: 269 (ignored 0)
✔ [Editor]: Passed: 31 Failed: 0 Total: 31 (ignored 0)
✔ [YUI Core Test Suite]: Passed: 50 Failed: 0 Total: 51 (ignored 1)
✔ [Total]: Passed: 410 Failed: 0 Total: 411 (ignored 1)
  [Timer] 8.928 seconds

Commandline Arguments

grover <paths to yuitest html files>
   -v, --version Print version
   -h, --help Print this stuff
   -s, --silent Print no output, only use exit code
   -q, --quiet Only print errors and use exit code
   -f, --fail Fail on first error
   -c, --concurrent Number of tests to run concurrently, default: 15
   -t, --timeout Specify a timeout (in seconds) for a test file to be considered as failed.
   -i, --import <path to js file> - Require this file and use the exports (array)
           as the list of files to process.
   -p, --prefix <string> String to prefix to all urls (for dynamic server names)
   -o, --outfile <path to export file>
       You can specify an export type with the following:
       --tap TAP export (default)
       --xml XML export
       --json JSON export
       --junit JUnit XML export

Saving Results

Grover supports the 4 ways that YUITest exports it's tests results so you can import them into another system.

grover ./tests/*.js -o ./results/results.json --json
grover ./tests/*.js -o ./results/results.xml --xml
grover ./tests/*.js -o ./results/results.tap --tap
grover ./tests/*.js -o ./results/results.junit.xml --junit

What's with the name?

This tool is dedicated to Ryan Grove for all his work on YUI over the last year. I told him that my next command line tool would be named "grover" after "rgrove".

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