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@@ -72,22 +72,41 @@ Then it wraps that code with something like this:
window.YUILoader = Y.Loader;
- Y.Loader.prototype.load = function(cb) {
- var self = this,
- out = self.resolve(true);
- = out;
- self.onEnd = function() {
- cb.apply(self.context || window, arguments);
+ Y.Loader.expose = Y.Loader.prototype.expose = function(cb) {
+ YUI.Env.core = [].concat(YUI.Env.core, ['loader-yui3', 'features', 'intl-base']);
+ if (!window.YUI) { //Have to globally expose now for YUI.add calls.
+ window.YUI = YUI;
- self.insert();
+ Y.use('loader-yui3', 'features', 'intl-base', function() {
+ delete YUI.Env._loader;
+ delete YUI.Env._renderedMods;
+ cb(window.YUI);
+ });
This wrapping code is boilerplate for forcing YUI to attach itself to the `exports` object.
Then augment the core to autoload the `loader-base` module, then expose a global `YUILoader` var.
-Then it adds a `load` method into Loader's prototype and does all the `Loader` magic.
+Then it adds a `expose` method as a static method and into Loader's prototype.
+This method is used to expose the exported `YUI` module and fetch the other parts of `YUI` needed
+to make it fully functional (features, loader metadata, intl-base).
+Exposing YUI
+This prototype scopes the global `YUI` onto a local `exports` object, holding it in a private scope
+so that it only exposes `Loader` globally. Maybe you want to load simple modules up front, but later
+on in your code you need other things from the library. That's where `expose` comes in. Simply
+call `YUILoader.expose(cb)` with a callback and `Loader` will fetch the parts of YUI it needs to
+complete the transaction and fire your callback when all the dependencies are complete.
+YUILoader.expose(function() {
+ YUI().use('node', fn);
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