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Asynchronous recursive file copying with Node.js.
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ncp - Asynchronous recursive file & directory copying

Think cp -r, but pure node, and asynchronous. ncp can be used both as a CLI tool and programmatically.

Command Line usage

Usage is simple: ncp [source] [dest] [--limit=concurrency limit] [--filter=filter]

The 'filter' is a Regular Expression - matched files will be copied.

The 'concurrency limit' is an integer that represents how many pending file system requests ncp has at a time.

If there are no errors, ncp will output done. when complete. If there are errors, the error messages will be logged to stdout and to ./ncp-debug.log, and the copy operation will attempt to continue.

Programmatic usage

Programmatic usage of ncp is just as simple. The only argument to the completion callback is a possible error.

var ncp = require('ncp').ncp;

ncp.limit = 16;

ncp(source, destination, function (err) {
 if (err) {
   return console.error(err);

You can also call ncp like ncp(source, destination, options, callback). options should be a dictionary. Currently, such options are available:

  • options.filter - a RegExp instance, against which each file name is tested to determine whether to copy it or not, or a function taking single parameter: copied file name, returning true or false, determining whether to copy file or not.

Please open an issue if any bugs arise. As always, I accept (working) pull requests, and refunds are available at /dev/null.

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