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-This is a node module that minimize CSS files (cssmin).
-It uses most of YUICompressor rules to minify CSS files (ie Not all rules are implemented)
+h2. Description
+This is a node.js module that minimize CSS files (cssmin).
+It uses a port of YUICompressor made in JavaScript by Stoyan Stefanov based on Isaac Schlueter work.
+For more informations about YUICompressor ->
-The module export the cssmin function, you can use it with :
+h2. Installation
- var cssmin = require('cssmin').cssmin;
-The function take two arguments :
- input -> the CSS content you want to minimize
- linebreak -> (true, false) adds a return carriage after each block for debug purpose or readability...
+You can either download the plugin and unzip it into to your project folder or you can use npm to install the node-cssmin package.
+h2. Usage
+The module exports the cssmin function, so you can use it with :
+pre. var cssmin = require('cssmin').cssmin;
+The function cssmin takes two arguments :
+* input : the CSS content you want to minimize.
+* linebreakpos : the number of characters before the end of the line. If empty, the output will have only one line.
Example :
-var puts = require('sys').puts,
- fs = require('fs'),
- cssmin = require('./cssmin').cssmin;
+pre.. var puts = require('sys').puts,
+fs = require('fs'),
+cssmin = require('./cssmin').cssmin;
var css = fs.readFileSync("/Any/Random/CSS/File.css", encoding='utf8');
var min = cssmin(css);

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