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@@ -6,41 +6,25 @@ This module includes support for remote script loading via Y.Get.script() and re
See "JSDom Support" below for DOM manipulation.
-h2. Setup this repo
-Clone this project, then do this:
-<pre class="console">cd nodejs-yui3/lib
-git clone git://</pre>
-You should go into that repo every now and then and do a git pull to keep it up to date with the latest YUI source.
h2. Node.js
-These tests and examples are all known to be working with latest stable Node.js: v0.1.33
All of the examples and tests assume you have @node@ in your path and they are all executable.
-h2. JSDom Support
+h2. Installing - via NPM
-Currently YUI 3 on Node.js supports "JSDom":
-It also requires my forked "node-htmlparser":
-Getting it up and running:
+<pre class="console">
+npm install yui3
-Node will automatically look in this directory for include files @~/.node_libraries@
+h2. Installing - as a developer
<pre class="console">
-mkdir ~/.node_libraries
-cd ~/.node_libraries
-wget -O jsdom.js
-wget -O browser.js
+git clone git://
+make dev
+make link
-Now that the libraries are in the right places you can now use the dom related examples.
h2. Using the Y.Browser object
To comply with the "no-globals" CommonJS spec, there is no global document or window in this mode.

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