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h1. YUI Bootstrapper for Node.js
+The NodeJS-YUI3 project uses several 3rd party open source libraries and tools.
+This file summarizes the tools used, their purpose, and the licenses under which they're released.
This node.js module attempts to setup and bootstrap a working YUI 3 instance.
This module includes support for remote script loading via Y.Get.script() and remote data fetching via
@@ -12,8 +16,8 @@ All of the examples and tests assume you have @node@ in your path and they are a
h2. Dependancies
-"HTML Parser":
+"JSDom": : "LICENSE":
+"HTML Parser": : "LICENSE":
h2. Installing - via NPM
@@ -72,3 +76,13 @@ When using JSDom, All relevent YUI 3 Dom & Selector tests pass. The ones that ar
+h2. License
+This software is offered under the terms of the BSD license. See the LICENSE file or the "YUI License": for license text and copyright information.
+h2. Contribute
+Your contributions are welcome! Please review the "YUI contributor guide": before contributing. If you haven't contributed to a "YUI project": before, you'll need to review and sign the "YUI CLA": before we can accept your pull request.

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