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This is my first attempt at building a Titanium Mobile app.


  • Timeline (with Updates)
  • View Status
  • Reply to Status
  • Navigate to reply, then to next status, etc..
  • Status Posting
  • Reply Posting
  • Direct Message Posting
  • Friends List
  • User Profile
  • Circular Status/Profile
  • Semi Internal Browser (@ == profile, twitpic loads image)
  • Twitpic Posting from Gallery
  • Timeline Caching
  • support expand
  • Settings Window
  • Listing Direct Messages
  • Listing Mentions
  • Search


  • Refactor all code
  • Following icon
  • Menu Updates
  • Interal Browser
  • support shorten
  • Twitpic Posting from Camera
  • Skinning
  • Icons
  • Background Process.. Titanium doesn’t support it, but it needs a hack.
  • Anything else I can think of adding
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