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This is an attempt at making a: git yui command line tool for use when contributing to YUI.

Screen Shots

Added Screen Shots here:


You must have python/setuptools installed on your machine before this will work.

Install python in cygwin, then download and install setuptools:

cd setuptools-*
python install

Now install the simplejson module
easy_install simplejson

Now clone the project. Then place the git-yui file in your path somewhere.

That should do it. Eventually, I’ll build a Makefile for it :)

TODO (in order of importance)

  • Sync Sources (working)
  • Fetch/Merge another users repo (working)
  • Build a Component from Source (working1)
  • Build all Component Sources (working1)
  • Generate API Docs (working2)
  • Run JSLint on a file (working)
  • List all project forks (working)
  • Submit a Pull Request (working)
  • Create Build Files (working)
  • Bash Completion Support5
  • Windows Support4
  • Commit/Comment on a ticket (working)
  • View summary of a ticket (working)
  • View a list of your tickets (working)

1 Partially working, waiting on developers to standardize build files

2 Partially working, all docs currently throws an error (one of the files in src is bad.).

4 If anyone wants to help out with this part, please do. I don’t like building dev tools on Windows.

5 Partial Bash completion working for the top most commands. Info added here