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<html xmlns:yui="">
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<title>API: (YUI Library)</title>
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<h1><a href="" title="YUI3 YQL Module">YUI3 YQL Module</a></h1>
<h3>&nbsp; <span class="subtitle">1.0.0</span></h3>
<a href="./index.html" title="YUI3 YQL Module">YUI3 YQL Module</a>
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<div class="summary description">
This is the API documentation for the
<a href="">YUI3 YQL Module</a>.
<p>Choose a module name from the list for more information.</p>
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<div class="nav">
<div id="moduleList" class="module">
<ul class="content">
<li class=""><a href="module_yql.html" title="yql">yql</a></li>
<div id="classList" class="module">
<ul class="content">
<li class=""><a href="yql.html" title="yql">yql</a></li>
<div id="fileList" class="module">
<ul class="content">
<li class=""><a href="yql.js.html" title="yql.js">yql.js</a></li>
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<hr />
Copyright &copy; 2009 Dav Glass All rights reserved.
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